Alma Khan

Alma Khan is the artistic name that Dusan Stevlik accepted at his times of traveling northern Africa, from Morocco to Timbuktu, where he wrote his album “Sun is Rising”. Alma in Spanish means Soul, which corresponds with it’s Slavic(Serbian) form Dusan. Khan came from his Pakistani friends, living at the lower Himalayan hill, and it means Royal. Alma Khan emigrated from former socialist Czechoslovakia toWest Germany, when he was five. Along with his parents, he first had to stay in an asylum camp, mostly populated by African and Asian folks. He there earned his first hard cash; by collecting beer bottles from Africans. He dreamed of studying movie direction in Berlin, but due to the lack of financial means he decided for an apprenticeship in the construction industry, specifically tiling (Fliesenlegen), where he suffered for three years working under a giant as*hole of a boss. Apprenticeship schools in Bavaria are the toughest in Germany, mostly attended by people coming from the lower classes with Turkish, Russian and Yugoslavian backgrounds. Fights over territory and a position within the hierarchy were an everyday reality back then. The song “Fliesenleger” is a controversial and ironical tribute to those intercultural conflicts and it confronts the German society , reflecting influences of America and red Russia. This vocal song is performed by ten virtual, different personalities – accents. It’s considered to be the top artistic achievement for it’s linguistic value in the German language.


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